FAIR Analyst Learning Path

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The FAIR Analyst Learning Path is designed to take participants with a foundational understanding of FAIR to the next level with four advanced courses, each covering one phase of the risk analysis process. Through over 2.5 hours of instructional videos, interactive exercises, resource documents, and assessments reviewed by experienced FAIR practitioners from the RiskLens Academy, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to scope and prioritize scenarios for analysis, collect data and estimates to input into the FAIR model, perform quality assurance on completed analyses, and present analysis results to decision-makers. Learners will have access to course materials for 90 days from the time of purchase, though extensions may be granted upon request. After completion of the FAIR Analyst Learning Path, participants will have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to complete high-quality risk analyses for their organizations and scale a team of well-trained FAIR analysts.

Take advantage of a limited-time 40% discount when you purchase the entire Learning Path, compared to $2,000 if courses are purchased individually.

Note: The FAIR Analyst Learning Path assumes foundational knowledge of the FAIR model, calibrated estimation, measurement concepts, and other topics from the FAIR Analysis Fundamentals course. It is only recommended for participants who have already completed that course, either online or in-person, or who have extensively studied FAIR via other means. All examples are provided using the RiskLens risk quantification software platform.