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Introductory Courses

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals training from RiskLens provides the conceptual foundation and practical experience necessary to competently perform FAIR analyses. Whether online or in-person, RiskLens’ FAIR training courses (accredited by the Open Group) are led by experienced practitioners and will improve participants’ abilities to identify, measure, and communicate risk.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Know and apply consistent FAIR-based terminology
  • Know and apply the FAIR ontology to risk scenarios
  • Use various measurement concepts to select scenarios for analysis and estimate risk factors using probability distributions
  • Understand the use of calibrated estimation in quantitative risk analysis
  • Follow a consistent process to scope risk scenarios for analysis
  • Map various controls to corresponding parts of the FAIR ontology
  • Understand and interpret the results of a FAIR analysis
  • Apply their knowledge to case studies, based on real-life analyses

Whether completed in our two-day onsite trainings or online via a self-paced curriculum, FAIR Analysis Fundamentals courses are led by expert FAIR practitioners from the RiskLens team and include:

1) Certificate of Completion

2) 16 CPE credits

3) Voucher that completely covers the cost of the OpenFAIR Certification exam

4) Study guide that prepares you for the exam

Courses designed to teach you the fundamentals of FAIR analysis.