FAIR Analyst: Collecting Data and Estimates

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Collecting data and working with subject-matter experts to gather calibrated estimates can be the most difficult part of a FAIR analyst's job. How do you clearly communicate the scenario to your SMEs? How do you get time on their calendars and make sure you're asking them the right questions? In this course, we'll take the analysis from being properly scoped to being ready to calculate. Learners will be able to choose the appropriate FAIR variables to include in their model of the scenario, will understand the importance of writing context-specific questions for each FAIR variable in their model, will be able to explain their analysis and what they need to the SME, and will be able to properly structure and conduct calibrated estimation sessions. The course consists of 10 instructional videos, 3 resource documents, and 4 assessments, and will help learners confidently gather estimates for any scenario they need to analyze. Learners will have access to course materials for 90 days.
Note: exercises required RiskLens expert review and feedback will be graded within 2 business days.

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