FAIR Analyst: Presenting Results

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An analysis isn't very valuable if you can't clearly communicate the results to inform decision-makers. In this course, participants will learn how to interpret and explain Annualized Loss Exposure, how to view breakdowns of forecasted losses by asset, threat, and loss type using the RiskLens software, and how to combine all of the relevant information about the analysis into a brief but effective results presentation. The course materials include an outline of a results presentation and a recorded example presentation that follows that outline so learners can view it in action. Consisting of 6 instructional videos, resource documents on how to prepare written reporting of analysis results, and an assessment, the course will enable learners to successfully present the results of their analysis and make an impact on the quality of decision-making in their organization. Learners will have access to course materials for 90 days. 

Note: exercises requiring RiskLens expert review and feedback will be graded within 2 business days. All examples are provided using the RiskLens risk quantification software platform. 


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