FAIR Analyst: Running Analysis and Validating Results

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It's essential to perform quality assurance on analysis results, and not to just blindly trust the numbers that come out of the Monte Carlo analysis engine. Executing on a quality assurance checklist will ensure that the results align with the provided estimates and haven't been marred by typos or placement of estimates into the wrong variable in the model. Learners will be able to perform this quality assurance on analysis results as well as on their documented rationale before they proceed to preparing a results presentation. Instruction on how to prepare and compare hypothetical analyses based on the implementation of additional controls is also provided, allowing learners to verify that the stated purpose of their analysis has been satisfied before presenting results. The course consists of 9 instructional videos, 2 interactive examples, and an assessment, and will enable learners to double-check their work before beginning discussions with decision-makers and other analysis stakeholders. Learners will have access to course materials for 90 days. 

Note: exercises requiring RiskLens expert review and feedback will be graded within 2 business days.  All examples are provided using the RiskLens risk quantification software platform. 


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