FAIR Analyst: Scoping

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Without a properly-scoped risk scenario, FAIR analysis is impossible. In this course, we'll introduce the risk analysis sub-process (a part of the larger Risk Management Process) and thoroughly discuss the first task in that sub-process, properly scoping an analysis. Learners will be able to clearly define the asset, threat, and effect involved in a given scenario and use those elements to craft a clear and succinct scenario statement. Learners will practice creating scenario statements from disparate information and identifying missing elements from example scope statements. The course consists of 7 instructional videos, 3 interactive exercises, and 3 assessments, and will provide learners with a strong foundation for the rest of the FAIR Analyst series. Learners will have access to course materials for 90 days. 
Note: exercises required RiskLens expert review and feedback will be graded within 2 business days.

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